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  We currently stream a mix of recent off-air recordings and studio copies of pirate shows along with news & (space) weather updates. Keeping you updated with what you may have missed, or entertained with older studio material THE GULCH streams 24/7 with short wave pirate material.


Our History


Well its been a little over 6 months since we started this online radio station. I have to admit it is turning out about as well as we expected. We have roughly 20 or so regular listeners and about twice that number of "curious lookers", not bad for an investment of less than $100, including the computer to host it! (love that E-bay). So it looks like this experiment will continue. As with all hobbies of this nature the peoples interest behind the scenes fades from time to time but always renews to produce new & exciting ideas. As 2005 starts its down hill slide, I hope you continue to enjoy our offerings. And a Hearty THANK YOU! to all who have contributed their material to the effort.

Hugh Akston.

History???  Hell, we are just barely up and run'n !
   But this project started like many great endeavors, in a room of hazy smoke with too many empty beers cans. With the encouragement of Ragnar Daneskjold (Ragnar Radio) THE GULCH was conceived as a streaming Internet radio statio rebroacasting studio quality shortwave pirate radio material. The idea has evolved, and continues to do so. Now including recent off-air recordings, space weather forecasts, Pirate oriented comedy sketches, and more. The Gulch is considering a block of DX programs, such as Dxing with Cumbre or DX Radio School. Your input is not just welcomed but encouraged, what else do you want to listen to, and when? Use our CONTACT US page to E-Mail us your thoughts.

Internet Radio serving the Pirate Shortwave Community.